Sunday, September 9, 2012

What If you Play-to-Win?

In the game of life we play different games. Some games are fun, some games are scary, some could be challenging, but at the end of the day there is no escape to the different games that are on our path of life.

You may think, HOW IS MY LIFE A GAME?, HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO PLAY, when I have so many problems on my plate. Well, I can offer you this perspective to view all those situations that are present in your life.... You can think in this way: “My life is full of problems and I do not know how to begin to solve them” or you can think this way: “Every challenge in life is a game worth playing and I will find the best strategy to Play-to-Win?” I am sure that the positive view of the second alternative is clearly the one that will move you into action and fulfill your goals.

The problem is that in our culture we have been trained to think that our purpose in life is to work hard; then, if we have some time left, we should play and have fun. That’s not how we were created as human beings, and that is why the word “stress” is part of our daily vocabulary.

Studies show that we are moving from an Industrial Economy, where you complete tasks, work hard at your workplace to solve problems, to earn money to buy things and maybe save some money for retirement. Now we are having a shift in humanity and we are moving to an Inspiration Economy where we want to create possibilities, express our talents in ways that add value and inspiration to our life and to the life of others. We want to fulfill a purpose and at the same time get results. You can see this shift in the line of thinking at companies like Microsoft, Facebook and Apple...they do not have “workers”, they have “players” that integrate into their game. These companies promote strategies that inspire every person there and facilitate their creative minds; experiences that expand skills and inspire consciousness. While you play you will create wealth for yourself and others based on what you value.

We are living on an era of computers, Xbox, smartphones and apps. Everybody look forward to play some kind of game using technology; games are not only for kids, adults are playing as well.  We can adapt that “spirit of play” to our daily life if we know that the end result will be one that will promote joy and fulfillment. When you “Play-to-Win” you have purpose; you have the intention to give the best of of yourself with the vision of reaching your goal.

I don’t know about you, but to me this is a better way to live my life and find my purpose. We all have a choice in the way we confront our challenges. As Coach Dave Buck teaches “To wake up every day into an exciting game that is fun to play and fulfills your purpose; rather than a job that is a not winnable game that never ends; checking off tasks on a bottomless list!!!

Are you ready to PLAY-TO-WIN the Game of your Life?

By:  Evelyn Torres for AwarenessWisdom

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