Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Listen to Your Music NOW !!

“I need drama in my life to keep making music” -- Eminem

Many times we are waiting for the right moment to take action to improve our life. We expect for the Universe to provide us with the tools required to listen to our music..--”The right moment will come, the perfect conditions will show, the door is closed now, the problems in my life are too overwhelming right now.”  We wait, and we wait for the right moment to take action.... Rest assure that, if your decision is to wait for the perfect time, it will be a long, long wait for you.

The right moment is NOW because it is the only moment you have. Tomorrow is just a wish and action should not be a wish.  Action can only happens in the present moment or what Eckhart Tolle  calls “The NOW”. All the darkness that we see around is what is needed for us to take action into change. The Universe will not provide you with anything that you don’t need. Everything is in alignment with our state of being and growth. But, when we see that Divine Drama as an obstacle, the light that the Universe is offering us will not shine through.

Instead of asking “why me?”, “why this is happening to me?”, “why this sucks?”, we should begin to understand that the question should be “Why not me?” and the answer will be “This is why you”. Listen to the music and understand that your own natural wholeness is always there. Everything is already within us; it is just a matter of tuning to the right channel so we can understand the lyrics of the music we are receiving. If we are traveling on our car and the radio station is out of tune, it will be very hard to listen, but when we go and tune the station correctly...Voila! we get a new signal and we can understand perfectly. The same thing happens with our life; if we are not on the right tune, we cannot understand our Divine Drama.

On the correct tune you understand that THE UNIVERSE IS NOT CONSPIRING AGAINST YOU, BUT IT IS CONSPIRING FOR YOU. On that correct tune we do not need to wait for the perfect conditions to take action because even in the darkest moment we can listen to the music loud and clear. On that correct tune we can see that a larger version of us is trying to rebirth and this is the opportunity that is presented to us to emerge and take ACTION. We are on the right tune, with the right signal.

Recently, I heard an analogy that really inspired me to understand my music. “In the forest the seed plants itself in the dirt. That seed is not complaining “oh, that dirt is smelly, or dirty, or dark”. The seed does not plant itself on top of a rock and says “oh I got the clean path to my growth and I am now on top of this clean rock”... No, that seed plants itself in the darkness of the dirt so when the light comes everything that is needed as nourishment for growth will be provided and a new plant will emerge. Everything that was needed for that seed to grow was provided even in the darkness of the Earth”

Remember that it is just a matter of finding the right tune that is already there. As Lao Tzu teaches “Music in the soul can be heard by the universe.” Are You Ready to Listen to Your Music NOW?

By:  Evelyn Torres for AwarenessWisdom

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