Sunday, August 26, 2012

Looking for the Big Picture....

Are you so focused on the details that you cannot see the BIG PICTURE in your life?

Remember a time when you went to your favorite art gallery and you saw a painting and you could not understand the message from the artist. Then you noticed that you were too close to the painting trying to interpret pieces of the painting, so you decided to move farther and look at it from a different perspective. Then, like magic, you were able to understand the message of the artist on that piece of art. You saw the big picture…

The same thing happens to us in our lives. Sometimes we are so focused on the details that we get overwhelmed with those details. This takes us to a point where we cannot find any solutions to our questions or find a path to follow.  Too many pieces, too many questions…. No answers…

Many times when we are only looking at the details, we land in the territory of fear, because we do not have clarity on our thoughts; doubts of our potential takes the place that should be filled with wisdom. That is the moment when we have to stop, center and take a step back. By looking at the big picture of the situation we are trying to solve we are capable of finding more solutions align with our purpose and our vision.

Give it a try:
The next time you have a situation in your life where too many things need to be solved… STOP, center your awareness, maybe set some time for meditation (even 10 minutes will help) and then from that point you will be able to make better decisions. Get a different view from another angle and you will see how you will be able to see from a different perspective.

Do not miss the message by just concentrating on the details. See the BIG PICTURE!!!

By:  Evelyn Torres for AwarenessWisdom