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Yep, you are reading right.... that’s what we will be discussing.... HAPPINESS CONSTIPATION. How many people are suffering from this condition without even being aware.

Dr. Robert Holden, PH.D. in his book Shift Happens! (again, Yep, you are reading right, SHIFT with an F)...well, back to Dr. Holden, in his book he says “If you think something is missing in your life; it is probably more of the real you! This is his theory on the matter: when you look to be complete and happy by doing self improvement, you are buying all the tickets to the concert of misery. Why? --- because this perfect person will never arrive; there will always be something else to improve -- you will never arrive. He expands his theory by explaining how different your life is when you understand the difference between self-improvement vs. self-acceptance. HOW EMPOWERING THAT IS!!! and wow!

Self-acceptance doesn't mean that you do not want improvement in your life, on the contrary, we all want to be better. The key difference is that when you have self-acceptance in you, the starting point is on the fact that you know your flaws and defects, but you accept them, sometimes even make fun of them (this is the best approach, trust me), and then with that sense of humor, you emerge happy and better.  A teacher recently said “the best comedy show you will find in life is you... There is always material for a script”. Learn to live like this, and you will laugh more every single day.

Don’t wait for happiness and enjoy happiness NOW. You can say "I will be happy in 6 months when I finish my college degree", then "I will be happy in 6 months when I find the perfect job", then you need more time and "I will be happy in 6 months when I find the big house I can afford with the big salary I will have on the perfect job". Then, you go out to read everything you can about happiness, about unhappiness, about sadness and that is when the CONSTIPATION begins. You have so many “in 6 months” and so much information inside of you that you lose track of how important it is to simply accept “what is” and really enjoy that “what is”.

Someone recently said to me “There’s no need to go to Disney World to be happy” --- wow, so true. I know that from experience, because Magic Kingdom, at Walt Disney World, is my next door neighbor. Happiness is an INSIDE job.

Now you understand how happiness is an INSIDE JOB, so let’s get back to the CONSTIPATION condition.

When we feel happy, we are in a very high vibration. Joy is one of the highest vibrations we can access, together with the vibrations of Love, Gratitude and Generosity. But, what it means to have a high vibration? For me it means when the body, mind and heart are aligned with our Being  bringing good and positive energy into our life. The good news is that this state can be cultivated.

If you start living your life by giving to others, you will notice how abundance will start to show up at your door bringing you happiness. Do service to others by doing things that bring more meaning, love and wisdom to your life.Happiness is not something that we pursue and obtain, happiness is a state of being that we need to practice. When we practice optimal living in our life by living our authentic purpose, having goals that inspire us and practicing optimism, then qualities of  self-awareness, self-acceptance and positive energy (required to take positive action) will become part of our daily routine in life and little by little you will notice that you will reach that GOOD VIBRATION in your body that you can call Happiness..... The CONSTIPATION will be improving because you will be able to nurture the state of mind necessary to do the INSIDE JOB.

So today, notice the things that you are doing daily that are giving you the condition of HAPPINESS CONSTIPATION --- notice, notice, notice -- and then nurture those that could bring the GOOD VIBRATION that will give you an authentic life. Trust me, the condition will be improved and your will find joy doing things that you never imagined.

Are you ready to improve your “HAPPINESS CONSTIPATION condition”?
Evelyn Torres is a Transformational Life Coach
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